Nobody should be surprised that Hispania failed to qualify at Melbourne, if anything we should be surprised how close Liuzzi got in a car that was basically having its shakedown in Q1: only 1.5 seconds off 107% time.

A second and a half is not a lot to find for a car that hasn’t even been tested yet but Liuzzi seems pessimistic about Malaysia; this is fair perhaps as Hispania will turn up having still not tested. Hispania will be able to get a lot out of the practice sessions though and should then be able to use this information, if not in time for qualifying then certainly in time for China.

The Hispania car can’t be slated as slow yet, it could be as good as the Virgin and maybe Hispania have done something with the extra time it was in development. If they have a bit of a budget this season to bring changes to their car they may surprise people by matching the Virgin’s pace. If they don’t have the budget there is always the worry Hispania will go the way of Lola in 1997: they were reliant on one sponsor  though who withdrew after they failed to qualify at the first race that year.

Expect to see Hispanias on the grid in China and perhaps Malaysia and once on the grid expect to see them there for the rest of the season, assuming Karthikayen proves to be up to scratch himself.

March 30, 2011 at 12:41 pm by admin
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