2010 F1 cars diffusers

Photo by Ben Sutherland

With teams set to roll up at Shanghai on Tuesday how much time will they really have to react to today’s Malaysian Race. There is a good chance that teams are working on developments still off the back of Australia that will be out in China possibly already on their way from the teams’ factories.

Where an existing part, such as KERS hasn’t worked then they may be able to work on it from Shanghai or quickly ship out modified units but if the problem with KERS that Red Bullis more fundamental they simply will not run it in China.

The Shanghai International circuit though is very similar to Malaysia in many ways:  a few long corners and each have a long back straight. This means the order may be very similar but also that there is a lot teams can take from Malaysia if they can find ways to adapt thier cars in time but certainly setup will probably start from where Malaysia’s set up left off.

April 10, 2011 at 12:23 am by admin
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