Having rewatched the Chinese Grand Prix from last year the pitlane chaos is one element that could be seen again this year. Problems at other races such as Kubica and Sutil’s collision at Hungary 2010 remind us of the advantage the drive through pits at Anderstorp had. The Scandinavian Raceway at Anderstorp in Sweden had two pitlanes with the pits driven through for the stop. The cars left on a different side to where they came in: therefore minimising the chance of a collision. A number of issues would exist of course. the first garage on the pitlane would never have to wait to let cars go but this could go to the world champions who are meant to have an advantage.

The situation last year with Vettel and Hamilton wouldn’t be avoided mind you as it was as both left the pits, though it may have been safer with pit crews not actually lining the pit-lane. Where the pit garages would go would be another issue, back in the 1970s they didn’t exist as such or at least they were situated in the paddock. Garages could face along the pitlane though with a teams two garages facing each other and the pit box in between. There are probably other issues we haven’t mentioned here, access to the paddock from the garages for a start but it could be an interesting idea for a new circuit to implement if they could iron out the details. We open this topic to discussion.

April 15, 2011 at 7:56 pm by admin
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