Shanghai turn 14

Shanghai turn 14, Photo by P , published on Flickr

Back in July some stories questioned whether the Chinese Grand Prix would go ahead as three of the Shanghai International Circuit’s corners were sinking back into the reclaimed marshland, turns 1, 8 and 14. As you would expect the Chinese have repaired the circuit and there is little sign of the work now: the circuit has been fully approved to hold this weekend’s race.


What is the future for a circuit though that at 7 years old is suffering in this way? The track is a minor repair job for the Chinese government but what about the grandstands and buildings when they start sinking. The fact the three corners to suffer are spread out suggests that it isn’t a problem limited to one point at the venue.


The Chinese Grand Prix has been confirmed with a new contract to 2017 now, it is rumoured they have been given a better deal which should cut the race’s losses. Will the race be in Shanghai until 2017 though and is Shanghai established as the only circuit for the contract or is it a contract for a Chinese Grand Prix?


The Chinese built Shanghai as a second attempt at a Formula One specification circuit. The first attempt was built at Zhuhai, it was provisionally on the calendar for an F1 race in 1999. The problems with Zhuhai were ‘logistical’ and it wasn’t approved for Formula One use but the Chinese tried again with the Shanghai International Circuit. Could it now be that with Shanghai sinking that the Chinese will simply build a third circuit elsewhere? The Shanghai circuit has already seen some classic races mind you and the city of Shanghai is in many ways China’s showcase to the world so a rebuild could even be the answer, if the subsidence does get worse.

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