Shanghai turn 14

Shanghai turn 14, Photo by P , published on Flickr

The Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai has highlighted how the DRS can increase overtaking when positioned at natural overtaking spots. Australia perhaps showed that adding it to a position with a half chance really had its limitations, if the space isn’t there DRS can make little difference.

DRS then will be unlikely to make very much difference at Monaco or for that matter Budapest; future track design and re-design of tracks can consider DRS though. Abu Dhabi are making changes to their Yas Marina track for their race and this certainly could be done with DRS in mind, they could even change a corner, such as turn 11, to closely resemble Shanghai’s turn 14.

Shanghai is certainly becoming a classic Grand Prix track with a few classic races having taken place here now. Lets hope it doesn’t sink back into the marshes it’s situated on.

April 17, 2011 at 10:12 am by admin
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