Pirelli tyres

Photo by Gil Abrantes

Pirelli have decided which tyres they are sending to the next few races based on what they have found out from the first three races.


For Turkey and Spain they have chosen to stick with the  hard and soft tyres, perhaps the two that are best developed and most durable. Spain the teams and Pirelli will of course know what to expect from pre-season testing and Turkey wont be too dissimilar from China’s race. Istanbul Park’s turn 8 being a  turn similar to, though longer than, turns 1 and 13 at Shanghai; temperatures in Istanbul are also likely to be similar.


For Monaco though they have gone for the Soft and Super Soft, the wear rate we will see for these is an unknown especially as all testing has been at very different races. The Monaco race involves a lot of hard breaking, acceleration and it is easy to lose tyre temperature. There can also be a lot of sideways movement as well so Monaco isn’t as light on tyres as one might think, how these tyres hold on will be interesting.

April 17, 2011 at 10:35 am by admin
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