Caterham Super 7

Photo Courtesy of Brian Snelson

So Team Lotus have completed a takeover of Caterham, we assume that there will be at least some Caterham branding on the Lotus cars in Turkey.

What does Caterham offer Lotus though, expertise or facilities? Not any that are obvious unless their are engineers they have their eyes on.

Caterham is a  good brand though, Caterham is curently very British and with few sales outside of Britain. Manufacturers in Formula One such as Mercedes and Renault, benefit from boosting sales. It could be that Team Lotus are looking at doing things the other way round to Mercedes and Renault (until recently): rather than being a manufacturer that then has a Formula One team to boost sales they have a Formula One team that then start making road cars knowing that having the formula One cars will boost this including internationally. This is more like the process Ferrari went through with racing cars first and road cars later.

The question remains though will Team Lotus simply become Team Caterham, they will have little need for the Lotus brand that has become a headache now they have another iconic brand, granted not as iconic or international. If currently legal proceedings end with both Lotus teams being allowed to use the name Team Lotus may decide it makes sense to drop it and of course they may be unable to use it, will they wait for the end of the ongoing legal proceedings though or simply make the change straight away? At least they can still keep the same colour scheme.

April 27, 2011 at 12:23 pm by admin
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