Kamui Kobayshi in the 2010 Sauber

Photo by Nic Redhead

There are few seats up for grabs in F1 next year as it stands, more in 2013 though. There are also not that many F1 drivers available not in contracts, some of those in contracts though could well be moving. Hamilton moving to Red Bull is possible but apart from him and maybe a move for Rosberg if the top teams do want to bring in an driver in the next two seasons who should they look at?

Di Resta and Perez are already respectively being seen as Mercedes and Ferrari drivers: presumably to replace Schumacher and Massa. Di Resta and Perez have done well in their three race F1 careers but is the hype a bit premature? More to the point why are other drivers with more experience who have proved themselves as incredibly talented not being discussed in relation to moves to one of the big 4 or 5 teams?

Three drivers jump to mind and of those one especially, Kobayashi: Kamui has proven himself as a great racer and with F1 as it is as of 2011 overtaking ability is a key skill. The fact Kamui Kobayashi isn’t being linked to any top teams and isnt being touted as a future World Champion raises a question: are Japanese drivers in F1 simple seen as a bit of a joke? This of course is just wrong certainly some have come in with sponsorship such as Ide and Yamamoto and given Japanese drivers a bad name but drivers like Sato and now Kobayashi need to be considered as drivers who are in F1 based on talent.

The other drivers who could perhaps be World Champions in the right team are Adrian Sutil and Nico Hulkenburg; it is very easy for Hulkenburg to be forgotten now he isn’t driving any races: Massa did exactly the same thing though and it worked very well for him and when he came back after a season as a test driver he was much improved: Friday morning driving will let Nico keep in trim as well.

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