Monaco Monte Carlo Port

Photo by Salvatore Freni

Barichello’s point that the DRS during practice and even more so through qualifying will be dangerous is absolutely fair: we have seen cars go a little bit wide through there and hit the barrier many times before: often taking off wheels but not so much speed so they carry on at full pelt down to the chicane with no steering or braking. The problem with the tunnel is that around a third of downforce is taken away anyway by the effect of the tunnel itself. With less downforce due to the open wing it will be very easy to make a mistake. Of course no one driver will take the decision not to use the DRS here in qualifying or they would loose too much time to competitors: someone needs to hand the rule down to one and all.

This of course doesn’t mean that DRS should be eliminated from the Monaco race: it is ridiculous to think that there are two extremes: ban it for the race or use it just as normal. You could completely remove DRs from qualifying but have it for the one zone in the race, or you could ban its use in particular places like the tunnel. What would also be sensible is for the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association) to get together and make an agreement that no drivers will use DRS in the tunnel or at any other points they deem it to be unsafe.

Rubens Barrichello is of course well respected and the GPDA Chairman so he probably has the power to put this into motion if he chooses, he has suggested that drivers in general don’t want to use DRS in the tunnel so he may well be able to take this direction. The alternative may be that following Practice we will see enough incidents that some action will be taken with complete removal of DRS use the easiest option for the stewards.

May 10, 2011 at 3:46 pm by admin
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