Often we get to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend desperate for something a little different following sterile new circuits, this has been perhaps less the case in 2009 and 2010 but in 2011 it almost feels as if we would rather have another Tilke designed circuit right now.


DRS in Monaco is going to be of less use than even in Spain it seems, though it is too early to judge n-oone expects to see a huge amount of overtaking in Monaco.


Monaco Grand Prix 2011 Practice 1

Photo courtesy of Nick J Webb

So far though it seems tyres have been more important than DRS though and the two together have at times made overtaking inevitable. In Monaco it looks like tyres will hold up and even one stop

strategies have been suggested.


Monaco then is unlikely to see even a fraction of the overtaking we have seen so far this season. In previous years though it has never been the overtaking that has made Monaco such a highlight, the spectacle and the skill on show as the drivers race their cars through narrow streets inches away from barriers at times will still be there this weekend.


Monaco will be something different but still expect drama and the domination of the Red Bulls and Vettel seems to be at an end or at least on hold for this race which in itself gives us a race where based on practice, 3 or 4 cars and as many as 8 drivers could well win, being Monaco of course there may be someone else who comes out at the front completely unexpectedly.

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