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The number of Formula One races is partly limited to logistics, teams bemoan being forever on the road and travelling to far flung corners of the world. However with the teams all based in western Europe a quick trip to a French Grand Prix might be easier to fit in; next weekend between Valencia and Silverstone for example: it’s en route.


It looks as if there is a good chance of a French Grand Prix as early as 2013 and fans and many teams, not least Renault, would welcome a return for the World’s oldest Grand Prix. Prime Minister Fillon has set up a task force to resurrect the Grand Prix with Paul Ricard Circuit director Gerard Neveu on the team.


It could well be Paul Ricard that hosts the Grand Prix then down in the South of France, though quite close to Monaco. In some ways Magny Cours could be a better option now it has improved transport links with the motorway from Paris now coming right up to the front door; Magny Cours though central is still in the middle of nowhere mind you.


There are no other circuits currently at Formula One standards in France though a Grand Prix at Le Mans will inevitably be mentioned and potentially considered. If the necessary work at Le Mans was done who would say no? There was Formula One at Le Mans in 1967 on the permanent Bugatti circuit which presumably would be what Formula One would use were it to return there.

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