Jenson Button on the Street's of Moscow

Button on the Streets of Moscow Photo by Kirill Kondratyev

























The Russian Grand Prix will join the calendar in 2014 with the Black Sea port of Sochi its home. The fact that it is fairly close to Istanbul and we may have seen the last of the Istanbul Park circuit sadly, means that the circuit may get plenty of visitors from Eastern Europe and Turkey making the trip. Based on this last weekend though there is already plenty of interest in Formula One in Russia and the teams have an interest in the country as well, or at least their sponsors do.

In Moscow a 2010 Ferrari and 2008 McLaren could both be found doing demonstration runs this weekends with 300,000 people turning out in Red Square to see Fisichella at the wheel of the Ferrari. Meanwhile in Sochi where the Grand Prix will take place the Virgin team (sponsored by Marussia a Russian Sportscar marque)  had both drivers Glock and d’Ambrosio out and whipping up the crowd, both with a demonstration run and DJ sets according to the team.

Though the contract for the Russian Grand Prix is signed by no less than Vladimir Putin the circuit is yet to be constructed though a start has been made to the Sochi Olympic Park Circuit: a Tilke designed circuit of 5.5. km in length. The track needs to be finished early though to ensure that the construction is finished before the 2014 Winter Olympics: the Olympic Park is within the circuit itself. As you might imagine the Winter Olympics aren’t going to be at the same time of year as the Formula One race, the Olympics being in the winter at the beginning of the year and the race in the summer: so there should be no chance of a snow affected race or a need for Pirelli to bring out studded Formula One tyres. A new circuit in a new country is always exciting and so we will present all the latest news on the Sochi Formula One Circuit as we get it.