Zandvoort a track built on sand dunes

Zandvoort is built on sand dunes, the 1974 race Photo Courtesy of Mick Dodsworth

Dutch F1 fans’ hero Jos ‘the Boss’ Verstappen will do a demo at the seaside circuit of Zandvoort on the second weekend in August. Jos Verstappen has been offered the opportunity by Red Bull who will also be sending along Daniel Ricciardo who will be doing a Nascar demonstration.


Zandvoort is one of the most missed circuits among F1 fans and the Tarzan corner is among the most iconic of former F1 corners. F1 was held at Zandvoort for the Dutch Grand Prix every year between 1958 and 1985 with the exception of 1972.


The circuit is still in use including for Super league formula though not quite up to F1 standards and being close to residential areas there are noise abatement orders in force. Despite this some still hope that the circuit will one day have F1 return.


Verstappen himself was popular in F1 as an underdog, often outperforming the cars he was in and bringing home points for Arrows and Footwork. He had started in Benneton in 1994 where he managed a couple of Podiums. Now his son Max is being watched in karts by Red Bull who will have got themselves in to Jos’s goodbooks with this oppurtuntiy that he said he could’nt refuse.

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