Tom Pryce in the Shadow DN3 at Watkins Glen 1975

Tom Pryce driving a shadow at the 1975 Grand Prix at Watkins Glen New York Photo courtesy of RJB52

It won’t be New York but a race somewhere in the New England area of the United States looks possible again, this could potentially become a second race in the US after the new US Grand Prix venue in Austin joins the calander next year.

Bernie has apparently been in talks with the Mayors of Weehawken and West New York about a race that would still have the back drop of the Manhattan skyline that seems to be something Bernie Ecclestone has set his heart upon.

A second US race would please Bernie Ecclestone as well as teams ans sponsors, who see the US as a big market. Austin Texas is of course a long way from New England and so will serve different fans. Also in Austin F1 will have to take hold in what is a Nascar & Oval track racing area. In New England there is perhaps more of a history of F1 with the Watkins Glen circuit possibly the US’s most famous ‘Road Circuit’ being in New York state that hosted F1 from the 60s through until 1980.

The new race apparently though is most likely to be a street circuit in New England. The US has seen several street circuits hosting F1 in the past from the popular Detriot circuit to the loathed Caesar’s Palace circuit. Whether the circuit would be more Valencia with many roads added to be part of the circuit or more Singapore on existing public roads will again be something we will find out later: if the project proves to have any legs. A race near New York though makes a lot of sense from the point of view of corporate hospitality  from sponsors and teams courting the multinationals based in New York and nearby, funding and sponsorship if the race got the go ahead of the two majors would most likely not be a problem either.