Schumacher Sepang 2010

Sepang: Photo by Chaitanya Surya

It is 12 years since Malaysia was added to the calendar in 1999, now I remember being incredibly excited about that new race and it delivered. As new tracks have been added since the excitement seems to have lessened every time and each new track has been a little bit more of a disappointment.

Having said this a new race in New Jersey with the New York skyline in the background does excite me a little. At the same time though I hanker for Brands Hatch, Imola and Zandvoort, among others, to be added to the calander again. If thier was a choice between this New Jersey track and Watkins Glen I would go for Watkins Glen every time. Besides I just heard the new Jersey track will be based on a motorway/super highway, visions of the Las Vegas grand Prix in the Caesar’s Palace car park come to mind.

Of course I understand the need for new tracks and the safety issues at some old tracks. I know that Brands Hatch’s development is actually hindered by a motorway, a few hundreds metres further back and it would be a great asset.

I can’t finish this article then without mentioning Tilke, he can build good circuits but they all have his signature and have taken away the diversity of different tracks.

I am a little excited about the New Delhi Grand Prix but not especially excited about any features of the track itself.

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