Bernie Ecclestone

Mr Bernie Ecclestone Photo Courtesy of Nick J Webb

He had previously said 20 races was the maximum, though his negotiations always suggested otherwise; this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix though Bernie Ecclestone is reported to have said that the maximum races in a season could be 22.


Grand Prix organisers including those who organise the Valencia Grand Prix will breath a sigh of relief and the announcement will also get the hopes up of those trying to bring about races in France, Mexico, Argentina and those hoping to ressurect the Turkish Grand Prix. The race at Istanbul Park  could it seems be a stand in for Bahrain, Korea or the US Grand Prix in Austin next year: all of which seem to be in some doubt.


Even with 22 races though the calendar will be tight in future, next year there are set to be 20 races and then Russia and New Jersey will be added in the next few years taking the number to 22 anyway; shared races such as Belgium and France, the two Spanish races and Mexico and Argentina are still very much likely to be considered therefore.

November 12, 2011 at 9:51 pm by admin
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