Martin Brundle heading to Sky F1 HD

Martin Brundle heading to Sky F1 HD, Photo Courtesy of Greenmashup

Having been considering listening to 2012 Formula One coverage on Five Live with pictures from TFL or similar, hearing that David Croft and Anthony Davidson will now be commentating for Sky has left me unsure what to do. With the BBC coverage as well Martin Brundle will no longer be there as he will be alongside David Croft on Sky.


The possibility is even that the BBC F1 coverage, with presumably David Coulthard as summariser, will have Jonathan Legard back or he will end up replacing Crofty at Five Live. Sky’s Formula One coverage is starting to look more tempting it has to be said, and I wouldn’t mind an excuse to upgrade to Sky HD; though I do feel a bit manipulated into this as it isn’t, it seems, going to be possible to buy Sky’s F1 channel alone.


The full details then are that Anthony Davidson will be the summariser alongside David Croft for Practice sessions on Sky with Martin Brundle either as summariser or joint lead commentator with David Croft. Ted Kravitz will be Sky’s pit lane reporter.