Circuit de Catalunya F1 Circuit Barcelona panorama

Circuit de Catalunya, Photo Courtesy of Flight Real

The Governments in Valencia and Catalunya are now both thinking about whether they can afford to keep paying for the rights to host Grand Prix. This could see a deal where the two cities of Valencia and Barcelona share the Spanish Grand Prix in alternate years or could even see the Spanish Grand Prix dropped altogether.


Bernie Ecclestone – who is keen to cut the number of races in Europe to allow for expansion elsewhere including mooted races in Mexico, Argentina and Russia – may be more than happy to end the deals with each Grand Prix early, Barcelona currently has a deal to host the Spanish Grand Prix every year until 2016.


Spain’s new government are drastically cutting budgets including those going to local governments and it seems that both provinces are already looking to make savings and can’t warrant a Grand Prix; Barcelona is also considering the future of the Moto GP which it currently hosts and the Catalunya government has indicated it may be unable to afford both: perhaps looking for a better deal rom one or both.



The Valencia Street Circuit, Photo by Rachel H

With Fernando Alonso still having strong support it would seem unlikely that Spain would be left with no Grand Prix and so the Grand Prix being shared seems likely, however Spain does have other Formula One Standard circuits, as does Portugal and so a brand new venue in Iberia could potentially be found if necessary.









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