The Paul Ricard circuit, photo by Baptiste Vialatte

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed to French Sports Paper L’Equipe that the French Grand Prix will be run in 2013 and a deal has been agreed.


It seems terms have been agreed though a contract may not be signed yet but Ecclestone told them that “We actually agreed on financial terms with the Sports Minister, David Douillet, in my office last Tuesday”; although it is belived that the Grand Prix wouldn’t be financed by the Public sector, it could be though that the government are making the fees available to be paid back later from gate receipts.


Bernie Ecclestone also made it clear that the race was not dependent on the outcome of the French presidential elections. He said that he would sign the contract “Before the result of the second round of presidential elections in France, if they wish. Whatever the outcome, I do not care”.


It isn’t clear if this means that the proposed bi-annual race share agreement with the Belgian Grand Prix has been completed now but the newspaper also confirmed that the race will be every other year at Paul Ricard circuit near Marseilles in South France.