An island paradise the Dominican Republic

An island paradise the Dominican Republic, photo public domain

One of the few areas of the world never to hold a Grand Prix could soon be set to have one, and we don’t mean Russia that gets its Grand Prix debut in 2014, but the Caribbean and specifically the Domincan Republic it seems. If the first thing you think of when you think of the Dominican Republic is that they have Haiti as neighbours then this is why they want a Grand Prix to bring back tourists scared away by the political troubles across there border.

These talks of a Caribbean Grand Prix are slightly more than rumours as well with Danilo Medina, one of the front runners for next month’s Presidential elections, saying that if he gets elected he will ensure that Formula One comes to the island and that the government will pay the race hosting fees with private investment to be found to build a circuit. This is likely to go down well with Dominicans as the island has suffered from its loss of tourism and the hope would be that race fans would stay for a longer break.

If you are wondering about how yet another race is going to fit on the calendar don’t because it seems that 24 races on the calendar are now being talked about. The unofficial limit had been 20 with Bernie Ecclestone saying more were unlikely then he said he could see a 22 race calendar but not more and now it seems teams are discussing 24: and no doubt if their are countries with potential sponsors and where existing sponsors want to sell these races will join the calendar, great for fans, great for potential and current circuits and great for team’s finical directors but a headache for everyone else within the team perhaps.