The main stand at Abu Dhabi

The main stand at Abu Dhabi, photo by Jitesh Jagadish

Given the difficulties of overtaking at Abu Dhabi you have a few choices of good places to watch but if you want to see overtaking you will need Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets for seats by the end of the Southern straight and the turn 8; you could also go for seats with a good chance to take pictures of the cars or a good chance to see the start and pits or the first corner action.


So with the main DRS zone on the very long southern straight you will want to sit in the West stand, this is at the end of the straight so if the DRS isn’t changed you may find that overtakes are completed by the time they reach you, as they often were in 2011. Sometimes though the overtake continues through the chicane into turn 9 where the overtaken car can counterattack.


There is a second DRS zone as well so you have a chance of seeing overtakes with Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets in the South stand and the upper part of the stand has a good view of the following corners if you have a good pair of binoculars.


For a good close up view of the cars Yas Marina’s North stand may be a good spot and you can get a head on view in this slow corner and get some good shots, and in the right seats a view down the southern straight.


Then of course there is the main grandstand, as expected you get a good view of the pits and the grid, you may be able to see the first corner from a distance as well from the right seats but there is no stand at the first corner these are of course the most expensive Abu Dhabi grand Prix tickets however.


For the avoidance of doubt Abu Dhabi doesn’t currently offer General Admission tickets for Yas Marina.