Asphalt has gone down at COTA

Asphalt has gone down at Circuit of the Americas, image courtesy of COTA

A report by the Austin Chronicle who visited the Circuit of the Americas on the 27th of July seems to indicate that the Circuit of the Americas is on track with much of the first layer of asphalt for the track now laid and most buildings constructed, though not necessarily fitted out internally yet.


Though the Austin Chronicle seemed keen to find signs of delay there seem to have been none and the track is due to be finished with aspahlt going down on the fourteenth and fifteenth of August. The Circuit of the Americas is due to be homologated on the 25th of September before the race on November 18th for the September inspection standards of safety and other standards must be met that are essential to the running of the US Grand Prix.


Though the circuit’s 23 storey viewing tower is the only major building yet to have construction completed it may be that if for any reason this wasn’t finished it wouldn’t affect the running of the Grand Prix however there are n signs of delays currently and the circuit’s project engineers are confident everything will be completed in time for the Grand Prix.