The main Grandstand giving a view of the start finish straight and Eau Rouge, public domain photo

The main Grandstand giving a view of the start finish straight and Eau Rouge, public domain photo

Few people apart from Formula One fans would see the Ardennes as a great place to spend the August Bank holiday: beautiful though the area is there is a good chance of rain: ideal for a Formula One Grand Prix then.


The General Admission area is fantastic at Spa, it covers much of the track, is often on a raised area, often a natural hill, and many general admission areas have super-screen TVs to follow the race on. The most screens are between 9 and 14 and there are of course screens for all of the grandstands.


You can also watch with a general admission Belgian Grand Prix ticket at les Combes , with a view of Malmedy, but there is a grandstand here as well with a better view of the cars head on coming to the corner: ideal for photography.  You can also get a view of the Bus Stop chicane, an overtaking possibility, there is also a TV here and if you want to sit here get your seat early on race day and stay put. The banks go up into the trees so you can go higher but lose view of the screen, there also some large rocks jutting out here climbing these and getting the best spot will give you a good view of any overtakes happening below and also give you a good chance of appearing on TV.


It seems strange that at a circuit as inclined to monsoons as Spa most of the grandstands are uncovered, only gold price band stands 1, 6, 8, 2 and 3 are covered and be aware that some gold stands are uncovered. Most grandstands are between the Bus Stop chicane and Eau Rouge. The view of the pits is great of course as is the view of turn 1 the la Source hairpin but the top of Eau Rouge is perhaps the most impressive place to watch the race from, most people who do take a Belgian Grand Prix ticket in stand 2 return there year after year. Wherever you sit though bring an umbrella and wellingtons are also a good idea.


As well as the good choice of superscreens there is also live commentary in French, Dutch and English broadcast on an FM frequency so bring your radios, the tannoy is a little unreliable.