Interlagos Turns 6 and 7

Interlagos Turns 6 and 7, photo by Jo Lorib

Interlagos, or the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace as it is officially known now, being an older track has a mixture of seating of different ages including modern grandstands and older style bleachers.


The most impressive thing about Interlagos is just how much of the circuit you can see from the right positions so bring along binoculars. The best place for this is from the F or G stands on the back straight looking out across the Senna S right round to Juncao prior to the final 3 apex corner that leads into the start finish straight.


Of course watching cars go through that long turn is impressive and for this you will want to buy Brazillian Grand Prix tickets in Stand A: with this section being a real challenge you can see drivers pouncing on mistakes and setting up a move ready for when they reach turn 1. The speed as the Formula One cars come out of this last corner, at around 200 km/h, is also breathtaking though even when a car is running around on its own.


Better still unsurprisingly though is to watch from the stands around Interlagos’ turn 1, the start here is always dicey and a lot of the overtaking will be here which is likely to be among the best of the season, if the last 22 years since the 1990 redesign are anything to go by. You have a choice of Brazilian Grand Prix tickets in three stands by the Senna Ss: Stand M gives you a view as they brake into the corner, D though gives you a head on view, ideal for photos. E is closer to the right hand turn and a little more set back.


There are no General Admission tickets at Interlagos, in some stands though especially those of a bleacher style there is no seat numbering meaning it is a free for all and you can sit where you wish as with general admission.