Grandstand seating at Shanghai's international circuit

Grandstand seating at Shanghai's international circuit, photo by HKmPUA

The Shanghai circuit is known for often being quite empty; perhaps they just put in too much Grandstand seating but some stands are unused even during formula one. With a capacity of 200,000 a 2010 attendance of 140,000 means that there is plenty of room for F1 to grow in popularity in China but also plenty of room for you to get along and go and see the race along with a trip to Shanghai and the rest of China.


The best place to buy Shanghai circuit tickets for the Chinese Grand Prix is almost certainly around turn 14 where you are guaranteed plenty of overtaking, especially if it rains and also many cars makes mistakes here in this very heavy braking zone.


The Shanghai circuit is well off for TVs with only the General admission F stand not having the view of a super-screen. This track has good general admission options though, of course you don’t get a roof over you head and it can rain here. The L grass stand is good and gives a distant view of the pits and a good view of the pit entrance, cars can also scramble for position here coming out of the last corner. The F stand may be best avoided, though you may see cars setting up an overtake into the hairpin you will only see them for a few seconds.


For many reasons the hairpin at turn 14 is the best place to have Chinese Grand Prix tickets, you have plenty of overtakes and also this is the slowest point on the Shanghai circuit so you can get a good view and take some good pictures as well. Despite this there is a grass stand on the corner itself and grandstands on either side that are themselves much cheaper than the start finish straight though the Chinese Grand Prix tickets for the A grandstand do give a good view of the pits especially from the upper tier.