The Mereceds Benz stand at the Nurburgring

The Mereceds Benz stand at the Nurburgring, photo by Marc John

At first it looked as if the Rhineland Palatinate government couldn’t help out the Nurburgring’s holding company despite being a major shareholder due to European laws but then they said they could and would and insolvency for Nurburgring GmbH seemed to have been averted. Now though it seems that the European Commission will look into the funding and the delays alone could have a serious effect, luckily for German Formula One fans though Bernie Ecclestone isn’t loosing hope that a solution can be found and seems keen to offer help if needed.


The Nurburgring is due to hold the 2013 German Grand Prix, alternating with Hockenheim, and Bernie Ecclestone has been quoted as saying that the purpose of his negotiations are to see “racing at the ring in 2013”.

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