The Magny Cours circuit

The Magny Cours circuit, photo Public Domain

“I think maybe the election that has taken place might have put that back a bit” is what Bernie Ecclestone had to say when asked at Monaco about the 2013 French Grand Prix, the new French Sport’s Minister Valerie Fourneyron has said she will review the plans for the race though she indicated that the venue could be Magny Cours rather than Paul Ricard.


The project is far from dead then and L’Equipe, the French Sport’s paper, reports that Fourneyron has met this week with Nicolas Deschaux the president of the FFSA ( Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile) France’s motor racing organisation. At the same time she will be meeting with representative’s of the Paul Ricard circuit and the region who hope to bring the race to the already popular tourist area but she will meet an equivalent party from Magny Courrs and its region on Friday  in order to give both circuits a fair hearing though it is unclear if she is leaning more to one than the other.



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