The Mereceds Benz stand at the Nurburgring

The Mereceds Benz stand at the Nurburgring, photo by Marc John

The modern Nurburgring is still a great track and you can still get a sense of the history even if watching a race on the new circuit. It is a good track with good facilities although the number of super-screens is limited.


One super-screen is by the hairpin and there are grandstands on either side with great views of the cars at this slow part of the track, and the screen of course, making it a good place to sit: especially if you want to take pictures.


Giving that it can rain here and when it does it often pours it down you may want to go for a Nurburgring ticket in a covered grandstand and good options are of course the start finish straight. Another good option is the general admission area T14 by the chicane at turns13/14 which is a key overtaking point as is turn 1 into 2: best seen from the T4 and 4a stands or the impressive Mercedes stand.


On a general admission ticket you get to sit on a stand, not a seat as such but a concrete terrace, it is also quite easy to walk around the perimeter roads to other areas so the General Admission tickets here are among the best on the calendar.