Local flavour at The Indian Grand Prix in front of the main grandstand, photo by Dell Inc.

The New Delhi circuit has the best choice of seating of any circuit, there is no general admission though. There are stands on every corner, all on the outside of the circuit and the only sizable stretch without stands is the middle of the back straight.


Tilke designed the Buddh International Circuit to encourage overtaking with a few open corners, Turn 3 is the main corner where this has been done, the entrance is twice as wide: there is also a blind apex meaning it is difficult to get it just right and it is hard to defend meaning that the following car should be able to take a different line and try a pass on to the back straight. The problem in 2011 was that being a new circuit it was very dirty off line, in 2012 this shouldn’t be such a problem: those in the picnic stand north in the run up to the turn 3 corner or classic stand north just after the corner will have the perfect opportunity to judge this for themselves.


Turn ten is another great place to get Indian Grand Prix tickets for: a banked right hander cars accelerate through this long corner similar in some ways to spoon at Suzuka. Watching the drivers daring themselves to put the power down that little bit earlier is fantastic to watch and you should be able to get reasonable photos here with Indian grand Prix tickets for the Premium stand South. The Premium stand tickets are among the most expensive though, along with the Main Grandstand with great views of the pits.


Cheaper Indian Grand Prix tickets include those in the Picnic stands, the South Picnic stand comes after turn 11 and gives views of the kink known as turn 12 and the slow turns 13 and 14 meaning you should get a good view including a head on view from the northern end of the stand.