Suzuka's main grandstand on the start-finish straight, photo by Masaru Kamikura

Suzuka's main grandstand on the start-finish straight, photo by Masaru Kamikura

Suzuka is one of the best places in the world to watch Formula One and there are some great views from the grandstands here. Grandstands can be found right around the circuit at most of the circuits key features, this means that General Admission is limited but the number of grandstands means that there are some cheaper Japanese Grand Prix grandstand tickets as well as more expensive ones of course. Having said that there are a lot of grandstands, the number of seats relative to fans is still much lower than a lot of circuits such as Shanghai as the Japanese love Formula One and come in great numbers: therefore book as soon as tickets become available to get the seats you want.


The grandstand on the pit straight is of course one of the most expensive places to buy Japanese Grand Prix Tickets but the view isn’t ideal and you will only see a limited part of the straight and the pits, add to this the fact that you will be looking into the sun and you may want to sit elsewhere even if you can afford these seats.


Better Japanese Grand Prix tickets are those for the R grandstand, this is at the start of the main straight sitting diagonally to the track and giving a view down the straight, across to the Casio Triangle chicane and of course of the final corner itself where cars goes slowly enough that you can take good photographs.


If you do go for general admission tickets for the Japanese Grand Prix you will find it easy to get around the track: being a figure of eight its footprint is actually not that large; some of the very best spots are inaccessible with general admission though as there are grandstands so you may be able to get to just before or after several corners. Having said this the Degner Curve has no grandstand and the first curve and hairpin only have grandstands on the second part of the corner so you can get a good view with general admission here.


The Casio Triangle chicane is of course a prime overtaking spot, as well as the R stand then a seat in the Q1 and Q2 stands will give a good view of the chicane. Watching cars going through the S curves is impressive and one of the drivers’ and the fans’ favorite parts of the circuit, the D1 and D2 stands give a view of the Dunlop curve as well. The hairpin as a slow part of the track is good viewing for photography and seeing the cars under heavy braking and acceleration. In the G1 and G2 stands you will get a chance to see the speed a Formula One car can take through the tricky 130R plus perhaps see some not get it quite right, especially at the limit in qualifying.


Then of course there is spoon, three grandstands cover this long curve and the middle one, M, gives the best views of the whole curve, the right seats also give a good view of the cars coming head on under braking.