Stands being built at Yeongam

Stands being built at Yeongam, photo by Waecook Travel

The Korean Grand Prix has struggled to fill stands, it may not have much of a future some feel but perhaps this means you should visit it while it is still running: if you do though you may want to go for Korean Grand Prix tickets in the more popular grandstands for a bit more atmosphere.


The third corner is perhaps the most exciting as the DRS zone leads to this tight right hander where most of the overtaking in 2011 happened, either at the corner or down the straight. Unfortunately there are no grandstands at turn three, though from G and F stands by turns 8 and 9 you may be able to see action in the distance if you remember your binoculars.


Stands A and B are at the top of the DRS straight and give a limited view, A also gives a view of cars coming from the start finish straight and of course the first corner action can be watched from either stand.


The main grandstand is the best place to buy Korean Grand Prix tickets if you want atmosphere and you get a good view of the start finish straight and pits. The other grandstands at Yeongam are around the back of the circuit and the semi overtaking chance at turn 10 makes HA and HB stands the best options over this side.  The Korean Yeongam Circuit has no General Admission currently but there are cheaper grandstand Korean Grand Prix tickets due to limited demand.