The Magny Cours circuit

The Magny Cours circuit, photo Public Domain

With Paul Ricard still seen as the more likely venue for the potential return of the French Grand Prix in 2013 the Magny Cours circuit’s owners are being given a chance to put their case forward on Tuesday the 4th of September.


The French Ministry of Sport decided to review the tabled agreement for a 2013 French Grand Prix at the South France Paul Ricard Circuit, which was close to being signed prior to the French Presidential Elections which saw a change of government; now the French Ministry of Sport have tasked the FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile/ French Federation of Motor Sport) with researching the best place for the French Grand Prix to be held, if it is viable at all without substantial government funding.


It is to the FFSA then including, FFSA president Nicholas Deschaux, that representatives of the Magny Cours circuit will present their case on September the 4th. It is likely to then take a number of weeks for the final report to be prepared and presented to the Ministry of Sport and for the ministry to make a decision and for negotiations for the race to be completed would take a good deal longer meaning a 2013 French Grand Prix looks unlikely though a 2014 French Grand Prix could be a more likely prospect.