Monaco tunnel and chicane

Monaco tunnel and chicane, photo by Nick J Webb

With around a month to go until the 2012 race the bumps that caused crashes for Rosberg and then for Perez in 2011 have been removed. The surface coming out of the tunnel and down to the chicane is now meant to be a lot flatter, if not completely flat, though there have always been problems here and it may be resurfacing will be needed more reguarly in future as bumps have caused accidents and then been removed here many times in the past just to redevelop.


Rosberg was lucky to escape injury last year in practice when his car spun on one of the bumps but missed the central tecpro barrier. Perez wasnt so lucky in qualifying but perhaps can be counted as lucky to have hit it sideways having lost some speed rather than head on which is more of a concern for future accidents.


The TecPro barrier did a great job for Perez in qualfying last year though he still suffered concussion and had to sit out not just the Monaco Grand Prix but also the Candian Grand Prix, he later admitted he wasn’t quite right again for much of the rest of the summer. That barrier has now though been moved back a full 15 metres meaning that more speed can be scratched off if cars do have incidents here and have a better chance of missing the central barrier entirely and going either side of it.

April 20, 2012 at 9:13 am by admin
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