The view from the hill showing some of the stands at and after the swimming pool

The view from the hill showing some of the stands at and after the swimming pool, photo by Ivelin Vraykov

may assume that going to the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is expensive, well it isn’t cheap but it may not be as bad as you expect and there are general admission areas.


The best way to keep a Monaco Grand Prix trip cheap is to eat drink and sleep outside of the principality and go for a general admission Monaco Grand Prix ticket. The main general admission area is on the hill, which is only around £64 for a Race day ticket: you will find you are a long way from the action, though you can see quite a lot of the track: binoculars and a telephoto lens on your camera are a must, however you’ll find the atmosphere is fantastic though.


There is also a small general admission section after the start just after Sainte Devote where you can see the cars heading up the hill: tickets here sell out fast though but this is a better option for those who are disabled with mobility problems as the hill is steep, it is in-fact only clear because it is too steep to build on.


As for grandstands the swimming pool grandstand is one of the best places to watch and if you crane your neck from some seats you might be able to see the pits behind you. There is also a large grandstand before and after the swimming pool complex where you are most likely to be able to get tickets for, the one after also gives a view of the pitlane;. Other grandstands around the circuit are much smaller and tickets go fast, though Portier is a good place to sit as cars often come to here close together or even side by side as they try to get the best run out of the corner going into the tunnel.