Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the Ile de Notre Dame photo by Abdallahh

Bernie Ecclestone seems to have moved on to putting doubts in to the future of the Canadian Grand Prix; he has done the same to Australia earlier in the season but now it seems that he wants something from the organisers of the race in Montreal and so is threatening the future of the race if they don’t update the circuit.


What effect Bernie has on the confidence of sponsors of races and how this threatens races and circuit’s ability to pay for track developments rarely seems to worry him but he does have a long stream of races wanting to join the calendar with new, Tilke designed, circuits.


Fans of course have different concerns and seeing some of the best and most exciting circuits such as Montreal removed is not what they want to see. Montreal is a fans’ favorite, has a lot of history and seems to be great for bringing people to Montreal. So hopefully the circuit will find the money to make changes, either that or it will turn out that Ecclestone’s threats are hollow, which often they are.


Bernie Ecclestone has gone as far as putting a price on the redevelopments for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the Ile de Notre Dame in Montreal at $15 million (US) this would include replacing the 25 year old garages and extending the Paddock area, certainly jobs worth doing but are the threats needed?


The race’s promoter  Francois Dumontier thinks that the threats are premature and that putting a price on the work is also unnecessary as it is work being considered already. In either case the current contract lasts until 2014 so there is still plenty of time for work to be done, what may be more of a problem is the size of the paddock, already on floating platforms in the Olympic basin.