The main Grandstand on the start finish straight at Monza, photo by Robin Bos

The main Grandstand on the start finish straight at Monza, photo by Robin Bos

Don’t be worried if you aren’t a Ferrari fan this isn’t football and the Tifosi will be welcoming to any Formula One fans though they may take a few jibes at you none the less.


Monza is a great place to watch Formula One, often as a second race to go to each year, it is a different circuit to others being mainly a series of straights, Formula One cars are in the opinion of some most impressive when cornering and in the opinion of others most impressive at full pelt: you mainly come here to see them going at their maximum: though the rate at which they brake for the few corners that are here is impressive in its own right.


To see the cars at their fastest the straight buy Italian Grand Prix tickets going down to the Ascari Chicane from the second Lesmo to see cars at their fastest. Choose Monza Tickets for stand 12 to see the cars braking into the Ascari Chicane and potentially pulling off an overtake here as well. The cheapest grandstands are actually at Parabolica, the hairpin at the end of the lap, what you will see here though is cars trying to outbreak each other to get a better run out of the hairpin down the finish straight.


The best Italian Grand Prix tickets though still have to be for the seating by the first chicane, turn 1, this is the best overtaking point: where comings together are most likely and probably of all of the circuits on the calendar the first corner most likely to see drama at the start.


The Italian Grand Prix tickets for seats on the pit straight are still most expensive of course but the cars do come along here close together as they head down towards the first chicane and the Italian Grand Prix has a history of close finishes.


As for General Admission you can watch from along most of the straights, it’s impressive to see the cars speeding by but useless for taking pictures and very brief; if you don’t want to end up with a sore neck from following the cars as they flash past then you may want to watch from the first of second Lesmos where there is General Admission space. Like several circuits on Friday you have a roving ticket meaning you can watch from the stands for Free Practice on a General Admission Italian Grand Prix ticket or swap grandstands with a grandstand Monza ticket.