the new jersey grand prix backdrop

The future New Jersey race's backdrop, photo by Anthony Quintano

The New Jersey Grand Prix was set to join the Formula One Calendar in 2013 it now increasingly looks as if this is more likely to be 2014, a blow to many including Race Organisers, fans and of course Bernie Ecclestone who has long wanted to see a race in or near to New York.


Bernie had cast doubt last month by saying the race may not happen until 2014 but it now seems that Bernie isn’t getting on as well as might be hoped with race organisers. It may well be that there are money problems, potentially similar to those with the US Grand Prix at Austin which should take place this year in November, fees should now be due for the race.


Where money for the New Jersey race is coming from remains unclear, presumably Bernie Ecclestone knows but we can only speculate that there are currently problems with an investor and one thing that has been made clear is that no public money will be used: though the race is backed by the mayor of Port Imperial where the street circuit has been started with work on pit buildings.


Bernie Ecclestone isn’t known for his patience but this race is something he really wants to have go ahead and it would be great for the commercial side of Formula One with teams keen on the proximity to New York for attracting sponsors to the race that will be known as the Grand Prix of America. It is quite possible therefore that organisers will be given time to arrange fresh investment if needed and contracts may have a little more flexibility than normal but many now think this will mean no race until 2014.