the hermanos rodriguez circuit

New home of the Mexican Grand Prix? The Hermanos Rodriguez circuit as it appears today, photo by Mequetrefe

There have been rumours of a Mexico Grand Prix returning since at least the beginning of last season when Sergio Perez came on to the scene, with backing from the World’s richest man Carlos Slim of Telmex.


It seems that Carlos Slim now through Telmex is giving backing to the return of the Mexican Grand Prix and reports in Spanish Newspaper Marca have the Grand Prix set to return in 2013 for the first time since 1992 and at the same Hermanos Rodriguez circuit, in Mexico City, which hosted the 1992 race.


Backing also comes from a number of other Mexican brands including Interprotección and Tequila Cuervo and also the Minstry of Tourism: keen to see the race go ahead and bring in tourists while enhancing the country’s image. The race is reported to be taking the gap left by the European Grand Prix in Valencia, which will alternate as the home of the Spanish Grand Prix with the Circuit de Catalunya.


The newspaper even reported that contracts have been agreed, though not necessarily signed, between the Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone though no official word has come from either side yet to confirm what is believed to be a five year deal.


What puts doubt into our minds however is the fact that the race is apparently scheduled for 2013 and a lot of work is needed on the Mexico City circuit to get it up to standard and get it homologated in time for a race even late in 2013.


Add to this the fact the report in Marca also mentions that no work will be begun until after the Mexican elections in July and the race suddenly looks less certain. If the race depends on Felipe Calderon, who will not be running in 2012 as in Mexico a president can only hold office for one term, then this could turn into another situation like that in France where the new government look set to at least delay the reinstatement of the French Grand Prix.


Two times GP winner Pedro Rodriquez

Two times GP winner Mexican Pedro Rodriquez, photo copyright Mick Dodsworth

The Hermanos Rodriguez circuit,  translated meaning The Rodriguez Brothers Circuit, is named in honour of Mexican drivers Pedro and Riccardo Rodriguez, both Mexican heroes who Perez is now being compared with: both Rodriguez brothers were considered future World Champions but died before they had the chance to fulfil their potential.


We will of course listen out for any news from Bernie Ecclestone, the circuit owners, promoters or the office of the Mexican President and bring you news on the 2013 Mexico Grand Prix as we get it.