Cars often get close to the wall at Singapore

The Singapore street circuit, photo by Colina Tion

The Singapore Grand Prix has it seems agreed a new contract, at least  in principal with Bernie Ecclestone and the Formula One Management, the five year contract will take the night time Grand Prix through until 2017. However though this agreement seemed to have been announced by Bernie Ecclestone the Singapore Grand Prix’s organisers later stated that discussions were on going with FOM.


Minister for Trade and Industry Mr S Iswaran has since told the Singapore Parliament that the contract will be renewed “only if the terms for a full five-year extension are economically viable” suggesting there are perhaps still stumbling blocks though he went on to say “We hope to see a mutually agreeable outcome soon,”.


Bernie Ecclestone certainly seems to want the Singapore Grand Prix to stay on the calendar and has stated that the race has been good for F1; if no new agreement is signed then there is still a two year extension option that if taken up would see the race continue until 2014.