The Singapore main straight as the race starts, the mainGrandstand on the left, photo by LGEPR

The Singapore main straight as the race starts, the mainGrandstand on the left, photo by LGEPR

Space is at a premium in Singapore but they have fitted quite a few stands in none the less, some seats are very expensive but there are still some cheaper Singapore Grand Prix ticket options as well.


The circuit is divided into 4 zones, Zone 1 is around the start finish straight and first corners and has the most expensive tickets. Zone 2 has no stands but you get access with certain grandstand Singapore tickets and with a premier walkabout ticket: viewing space in this area is very limited though. Zone 3 has the Bay Grandstand: a large and good value stand. Then there is Zone 4 with a few stands but you can also buy walkabout tickets just for Zone 4, which includes about a third of the circuit.


The Bay Grandstand is perhaps the best value seating, not only do you get the race you also get live entertainment and a fantastic view of the city: across the track from the circuit is the waterfront and on the water the floating stage that features top acts from around the world each year.


Though Bay grandstand offers great value if you want the absolute cheapest Singapore Grand Prix tickets then you can buy a walkabout ticket for zone 4, this is basically general admission giving you access to a large part of the track; you actually get bleacher style seating as well, there are of course no earth banks here, this means you get a relatively comfortable seat and get a good view of the action including turn 8 and a distant view of turn 7 where the best overtaking opportunities are. For a better view of turn 7 however choose Singapore Grand Prix tickets in the Stamford stand where fans saw Hamilton come together with Massa in 2011 and Webber in 2010.


You can also buy premier walkabout tickets allowing you to access the limited viewing opportunities in zones 1, 2 and 3 though many still end up in Zone 4 anyway. You could also go for a Zone 4 Walkabout combination Singapore Grand Prix package, which allows you to sit in the Pit Grandstand on Friday and Saturday before transferring to General Admission on race day.


Other combination tickets allow you to sit in different zones each day including the Turn 1 Combination that lets you sit at the Pedang grandstand in zone 4 on Friday, Bay on Saturday and the Turn 1 stand on Sunday.


Turn 3 is the most expensive stand costing over £1000 for a weekend ticket, it gives a good view of turns 1, 2 and 3 and the pit exit though, in theory overtaking should also be possible here. Turn 1 and 2 stands are also expensive, they do both give a good view down the pit straight though and a close up of the first corner. Better value though if you are going to go for a more expensive ticket is the Pit Grandstand which unlike most circuits isn’t the most expensive, it gives good views of the pit straight and the pits opposite.