Construction_of_the_Sochi_Circuit November 2013

Construction of the Sochi Circuit November 2013, image by Bekatour

The name of the circuit for the Russian Grand Prix  The ‘Sochi International Street Circuit’ gives some idea of the style of the circuit, in many places the Olympic Park buildings are close to the circuit but it is likely to be a street circuit in the tradition of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, also built on the site of an Olympic Park.

The Sochi circuit is likely to have some corners with walls closer than you would expect on a modern circuit and may lack the massive tarmac run-offs indicative of most Tilke designed circuits of the 2000s. This could lead to a niggling circuit like the Street Circuit in Valencia with little flow and few overtaking opportunities but is more likely to see the best of both worlds with not too much and not too little space similar to again the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and also the Melbourne Circuit.

We will add more details as they emerge between now and October, including details on the ticket options once they are released.