Images of the Sochi circuit so far haven't been much to get excited aboutPhoto by Omega2014

Images of the Sochi circuit so far haven't been much to get excited about, Photo by Omega2014

The 2014 Russian Grand Prix should go ahead and it seems that rumours of delays to 2015 are just that rumours. The ambition of the project, where the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held at Sochi, a Black Sea resort, and then the Olypmpic Park will be transformed into a Formula One circuit in months, may be what led to these rumours along with few updates and images showing little progress


New Sochi chief Alexander Bogdanov though intends to put a stop to future rumours with more updates and has told media that “right now is a very active phase of construction”: hopefully this means we will soon be seeing images other than those that are computer generated then, though new images of early construction work were released in May.


Although the asphalt for the circuit won’t be put down on the track until after the Winter Olympics early in 2014 almost all the buildings used for the Russian Grand Prix including the Pit Building, Medical Centre and Paddock buildings will be used for the Winter Olympics as well so they will be in place.


With the Circuit of the Americas in Texas only now finishing the first layer of asphalt now for their race in November if laying the track really will be the only major job post Olympics at Sochi this shouldn’t be an issue and the circuit has certainly had enough lead time: being confirmed in 2010 before the New Jersey Race scheduled for 2013 and the United States Grand Prix at Austin scheduled for this year.