The main Grandstand with a great view of the Pitlane

The main Grandstand with a great view of the Pitlane, Public Domain image

It is surprising to Brits just how warm it can be in early May that bit further south in Spain and many fans from the UK and other northern European countries take a trip to the Grand Prix at Barcelona and make a start on their tans at the same time. It can rain here as well of course and though general admission tickets are good here you may want to consider a covered grandstand.


If you do go for general admission tickets for the Spanish Grand Prix though you have a good choice of grass banks around the circuit from turn 3 right round to just before turn 11; from turn 5 to turn 9 though you will get a view of a super-screen making it easier to follow the race.


If you do go for one of the grandstands then they all have views of super-screens, grandstand A is one of the best places to get Spanish Grand Prix Tickets for where you get a view of the cars coming towards you down the main straight: often attempting a move that they finish into turn 2 quite often; F also gives a good view of turn 1 though less so for turn 2.


Grandstand H is part of the stadium section towards the end of the lap and is another great place to sit as it overlooks the chicane, meaning you get a good view of the cars braking and have good photography opportunities. The most expensive tickets for the Circuit de Catalunya of course are for the Principal Grandstand: the main grandstand overlooking the pits and podium as well as the starting grid, this is a tall grandstand and from the upper tiers you get an unimpeded view of the pits, though you may need binoculars to see the detail.


The circuit de Catalunya is also popular for testing of course, if you are going to a testing session, there are two four day sessions in 2012, then you may well want to sit opposite the pits to get a good view of the new cars and of course don’t have to worry about overtaking spots.



The view from F stand with General Admission opposite

The view from F stand with General Admission opposite, photo by Jose Mª Izquierdo Galiot