Formula One coming soon to Austin, hopefully

Formula One coming soon to Austin it seems, photo by Larry D. Moore

Bahrain is looking increasingly unlikely to go ahead while the US Grand Prix at Austin’s circuit of the Americas is looking like it probably will go ahead. The work on circuit of the Americas is continuing apace and the previous delays have been made up for it seems: one has to assume that the owners are pretty confident of holding a race in order to push ahead in this way.


Circuit of the Americas should be completed in August now, with the race not being until November this gives plenty of time for homologation, the vice president and Chief Executive of the circuit are visiting Bernie Ecclestone this week to update him on progress.


As for Bahrain there have been renewed calls for the race to be cancelled and there seem to be few improvements to the situation in Bahrain with protests continuing, which are banned by the government and being put down by government forces, though in recent weeks primarily using rubber bullets to force dispersal.


The protestors of the opposition group Al Wefaq plan another protest at an air show in the country this coming weekend which will be watched with interest by those involved in Formula One: it may be an example in minature of what will happen at a major event like a Grand Prix. If the Grand Prix were to see protests then the event could first of all be severely disrupted and the safery of spectators and Formula One personel could be at risk. If the government’s forces took action againist protestors though and they were injured or killed this would reflect very badly on Formula One and the FIA for the decision to go ahead with the race.

The Bahrain International circuit

The Bahrain International circuit, Photo courtesy of Allan Donque