Austin, The Circuit

Austin, The future home of the United States Grand Prix, photo by Larry D. Moore

The Circuit of the Americas is hard to write about until it is finished and there is a question over whether it will be finished. In either case it may be a good idea not to book just yet, though if you want a hotel room in Austin itself you may need to be fast. If you are a fan living in the US it is a dilemma, if you live elsewhere then it is probably going to be worth waiting until 2013 and going to another race in 2012.


So the track, briefly, it is going to have a steep climb up to turn 1 and there is going to be quite a lot of gradient for the rest of the track. At turn 1 there is a hairpin before a long down hill stretch with a number of kinks in, which should be flat out but difficult still. There are no major straights here with the straight between turn 11 and 12 being longest but even that won’t be quite straight and there is a rise in the middle as well.


Overall there will be a mix of high and low speed corners though, with a total of 20 corners on the lap. Turn 12 is likely to be a good overtaking spot after the straight but the final turn and first turn may be as well.