Austin, Texas' Capitol Building, photo by Leon Fu

Downtown Austin has only got around 6000 hotel rooms, few fans will be able to afford them therefore and so you may be better finding accommodation elsewhere in the Austin Metropolitan area that has a total of 30,000 rooms and it is likely more will be built prior to the race. If you do leave it to the last minute though and can’t find what you want you may want to consider booking a room somewhere such as San Antonio and even Houston or Dallas, all cities that are well worth visiting.

Austin itself is the state capital and a fairly trendy little city; Austin is popular for conventions and wants to get some positive coverage out of the race. There is the state Capitol to visit which is an impressive building, there is also the Lyndon Johnson Museum and Library if the life of President Johnson interests you and Austin has a fine Nature and Science centre including a small zoo.


We had previously stated that Austin only had 6,000 hotel rooms in total and we thank Gregg Maxwell for correcting us on this fact.