The view from Melbourne's Brabham stand

The view from Melbourne's Brabham stand, photo by Ben Novakovic

The track itself at Albert Park is difficult but drivers can get into a really good flow. Getting the right breaking point and apex into turn 6 is tough and it is unsighted; turns 11 and 12 are also where many cars lose time and also spin out if they take in too much speed through this seventh gear high speed corner all impressive places to watch the Australian Grand Prix from then. Turn one is still a great place to buy your Melbourne tickets for though and so is turn three, both at the end of relatively long straights and both potential overtaking positions. Turn three perhaps sees more overtakes and more mistakes but turn one you get a good view of the first corner action at the start.


If you choose to go for General Admission Australian Grand Prix tickets then you are best to head to one of the viewing banks: otherwise you may find that you struggle to see the race as though you can get close to the action the catch fencing and barriers can obscure your view if you are at a low level. On the other hand you may be able to get a closer view in other spots away from mounds: it depends whether the catch fencing bothers you, it certainly isn’t ideal for photography. For the race you may want to get a good spot and stay put: though for the rest of the weekend you should be able to move around the circuit with plenty of access roads to get between areas. Turns 2, 9 11 and 12 also have screens nearby making it easier to follow the race and get more out of it.


There is a viewing mound just after turn two that means you can see cars come out of the turn one and two section at the start and later in the race there may be some overtaking here too. Brocky’s hill by the tight, high-speed turn 11 is one of the very best places to watch in General Admission or elsewhere for that matter; you can get close to the cars here and with the Kid’s area nearby this is ideal for families.


If you do fancy sitting in the grandstands then Fangio overlooks the start finish straight but the Jones and Brabham stands overlooking the exciting turns one and two may be better places where you get to see more action and with the Jones stand still get to see the start in the distance. Brabham is a good place for taking photos of cars as they come out of turn 1 where you should be able to catch them head on.