Earlier protests in Bahrain

Earlier protests in Bahrain, photo by Al Jazeera English

Only three weekends before the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix protests have taken place in Bahrain specifically against the staging of the race. A weekend of protests in Bahrain have followed the shooting of a protestor on Saturday. Though protests in the country have been ongoing most have been small but the protesting led to larger and more widespread protesting on Saturday and Sunday, in Abu Saiba a village close to Manama, and in Tubli protests were held specifically to protest the running of the Grand Prix in a country that activists believe still needs change and is yet to atone for events in 2011 where many more protestors and others were injured, tortured and killed by government forces or forces close to the government. These anti Formula One protests were eventually dispelled but only with the use of tear Gas, no further violence was reported.


Saturday’s shooting was itself by Militia, loyal to the government and following police closely but in a civilian car, authorities have said the shooting is being treated as a murder but people are asking why the militia were there at a protest seemingly in support of the police.


It had seemed that the Bahrain Grand Prix was almost certain to go ahead but events this weekend may lead to further questions not least about security arrangements and the potential for the Grand Prix to be marred by protests that could lead to violence, this is something that all involved will want to avoid not least the Bahrain government.