Circuit de catalunya: F1 Circuit Barcelona the pitlane

Circuit de catalunya, Photo by Salva Mendez

There are doubts over both Grand Prix in Spain and La Sexta who did have the rights to broadcast Formula One until 2013 have dropped them ahead of the 2012 season leaving no Broadcaster set to show the 2012 Formula One season, though this is of course likely to change.


It may seem then that Spain have lost some of their love for Formula One, their hero Fernando Alonso only managed one win in 2011 and hasn’t won a title since 2006, many Spanish F1 fans expect more of him. Then there is the Spanish National Team: Hispania, so far a bit of a joke in F1, though they have done well to survive as long as they have 2012 looks like being another tough season for them.


The Grand Prix in Valencia and Barcelona are both good for bringing tourists to the city but with a major economic downturn in Spain and elsewhere in Europe the economic benefit has dropped as has the budgets each provincial government, Valencia and Catalunya, has.


Circuit de Catalunya boss Salvador Servia has though said that he is happy with the current deal that lasts until 2016 and hopes to extend it, this is perhaps not surprising though if he wants this to happen it may be he needs to find some or all of the funding for the race fees from somewhere other than the provincial government.


To attract money from a private entity fans would need to start coming back and the simplest solution would be to only have one race in Spain each year the same is true for Valencia and so the prospect of the two cities sharing the Spanish Grand Prix in alternate years comes up again: unless Alonso challenges for the title in 2012 this may be inevitable.