Circuit de catalunya: F1 Circuit Barcelona the pitlane

Photo by Salva Mendez

Barcelona (Spain) – Overview

Barcelona has been hosting the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya since 1991, despite this it hasn’t created very many classic races. Its a popular test track so all the drivers know it, even the rookies, so there should be few mistakes and there are few overtaking oppurtunities. In 2011 though DRS could change this as will degrading tyres, we hope. DRS could in fact prolong the use of this circuit that is in many ways unpopular with fans.


What you do have in Barcelona though is a very accesible circuit from the UK and other parts of Europe, cheap flights go to Barcelona and nearby Girona and you can take a holiday on the Costa Brava while you are at it. Barcelona itself is the ultimate city for a city break with a great atmosphere and plenty to see and do.